NELA Academy

NELA is a private, Christian school for grades K-8, where students are engaged in rigorous project-based learning, Christian education, and servant leadership development.


Staff offers a small, safe environment designed for students to use their strengths and gifts as they grow personally and academically.  Building on servant leadership principles, coupled with trauma informed practices, the school’s spiritual foundation fosters an environment in which students are given many opportunities to use their gifts to honor and serve their community and connect with the world around them.


NELA is a true community school – the doors are open to everyone, regardless of where students are enrolled.  Before and after-school programming fills the long gaps when parents are working.  In the evenings, adults also have the opportunity to take special interest classes.


For more information, please contact Eric Sobotta, School Principal, at (509) 749-2138


Project Based Learning

Recognizing that student learn best when subject matter is connected to their unique interests and passion, we engage students in a variety of hands-on learning experiences, including group research and individualized projects.


Servant Leadership

All students are trained in the philosophy of servant leadership, where they learn to identify their unique gifts and dreams, to see themselves as servant leaders, to take on leadership roles, and to serve the needs of the community around them.


Camp Vista Summer Program

Summer is a busy time for parents in the Vista Hermosa community, so our school operates a full day program to keep students safe and engaged all summer.  Learning includes such activities as science experiments, gardening, swimming, sports, and community service.


Adult Education

Embracing the value of life-long learning, adults are welcomed into the building to participate in special interest classes, to help lead classes, and to grow the vision of the school.  Instruction includes such short courses as ESL, cooking, and art.

Student Pledge

I am special.

I am created by God with unique gifts and talents!

I am creative, smart, and capable of success.

I have dreams for the future,

and I will climb to reach those goals and dreams every day.

All children are capable of success and worthy of love.