Snake River Housing

Snake River Housing was established in 1990 as a for-profit entity to manage the Vista Hermosa community and to nurture a spirit of trust, belonging and purpose for the residents that live here.


Year Round Housing

Permanent, single-family homes and apartments are provided for 152 families on 60 acres of land adjacent to Broetje Orchards’ field and warehouse operations. Residents themselves comprise the board of directors overseeing community policies, procedures and activities. Any issues arising with residents in the community are addressed by this body of peers, ensuring that everyone feels some sense of ownership, safety, and accountability to one another.


Seasonal Housing

For those interested in staying for less than 12 months, seasonal and temporary housing for individuals and families is available. The Vista Hermosa community has 50 4-bedroom townhouse units available to rent as individual beds, bedrooms, or entire units. Rents are charged on a daily or weekly basis. No more than 2 individuals are allowed per bedroom, and 8 individuals per unit. Please call 509-749-2217 and ask for the Snake River Housing office to inquire about rental rates and bed/unit availability


Retreat House

Our Spanish-style retreat house rests on the hill overlooking our community. It is a place for visitors to come, hold meetings and stay overnight. It accommodates up to 18 people comfortably. Amenities include:

  • large living room/meeting room with fireplace
  • full service kitchen and dining area
  • two outdoor patios with space for meeting

Cost is $25 per person per night, or $15 per person for day use. Please bring a strong interest in learning about community development and how Christ is working in our rural, farm working community. To make reservations, please call the Snake River Housing office.


Orchard View Market

Orchard View Market provides the public with easy access to basic commodities, fuel, fast-food restaurant, and laundromat services in our rural community.


The store has a twofold purpose — efficiency and community service:

  • It seeks to be a break-even entity, managing a diverse inventory of items for the public
  • It provides jobs to youth interested in building employable skills in business and customer service