Uplifting vulnerable communities
to meet their own needs


Supporting indigenous leaders
to build inclusive community


Nurturing the development
of true vocation and call

Vista Hermosa Foundation invests in the growth of holistic, flourishing communities.  As an operating foundation, we are both practitioners and partners, learning from our own communities of practice to inform how we engage with and invest in others.


Nueva Esperanza Leadership Academy teaches grades K-8 in the Vista Hermosa community, nurturing students’ identities as gifted and beloved children of God.



Our Scholars Program supports first generation college students to identify and develop their God-given gifts, talents and dreams in service to community.



Our global partners invest in the growth of spiritual well-being and an empowered worldview in marginalized communities of Mexico, Haiti, India and East Africa.

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The Center for Sharing is our hospitality and training institute, where the teachings of servant leadership are carried out in both theory and practice.

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Vista Hermosa means “beautiful view.” Our vision is God’s dream — a world where all people feel safe, welcomed and supported to live out their purpose in service to one another.

For more information, see our Theory of Change.


Hope is a Decision

Jim Wallis of Sojourners community and magazine visited the Collegium last week and reflected with a group of about 30 community members. He took time out of a busy book tour to visit Vista Hermosa Foundation, the Center for Sharing, and Jubilee Foundation,

International Day of the Girl Child

October 11 marks the International Day of the Girl Child, one of the days nearest and dearest to our hearts here at Vista Hermosa. Since the UN designated this day in 2012, it has aimed to highlight and address the unique needs and challenges that girls face

Scholars Impacting their Communities

Soroptimist is an organization that focuses on giving women and girls the tools they need to achieve economic empowerment. Elizabeth Perez, pictured on the far left standing in the front row with black rimmed glasses, volunteered for Soroptimist at their Dream it, Be It Career

Global Partners

Over the past 25 years, the Foundation has been privileged to partners with organizations around the world. Today, we take a more targeted approach, partnering with fewer organizations in specific places. This focus enables us to interact at a deeper level, to learn about the uniqueness of each place, and to truly see when and how the spirit of a people begins to transform.  Our current priorities focus on place-based initiatives in Mexico, Haiti, India, Kenya and Uganda.

We Believe If You Nurture The Spirit Of A People They Will Lead Themselves.