NELA Academy

Nueva Esperanza Leadership Academy (NELA) is a private, Christian school for grades K-8, where students are engaged in individualized academic learning, Christian education, and servant leadership development.

Staff offers a small, safe environment designed for students to discover their passion as they grow personally and academically.  Building on servant leadership principles, coupled with trauma informed practices, the school’s spiritual foundation fosters an environment in which students are given many opportunities to use their gifts to honor and serve their community and connect with the world around them.


NELA has five key focus areas: Spiritual Wellbeing, Rigorous Academics, Entrepreneurship, World Citizenship, and Enrichment.  The school measures success based on the following data which is analyzed every trimester of the school year: Reading, Math, Spiritual Wellbeing (SHALOM), Hopefulness (Kids at Hope), and a giftedness survey.


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Individualized Learning

Recognizing that students learn best when subject matter is connected to their unique interests and passion, we teach students in small group settings and engage them in a variety of hands-on learning experiences, including group research, personal projects, science, music and the arts.


Servant Leadership

All students are trained in the philosophy of servant leadership, where they learn to identify their unique gifts and dreams, see themselves as servant leaders, take on leadership roles, learn from the stories and lives of others, and serve the needs of the community around them.


Mindfulness and Resilience

As a trauma-informed school, our staff maintains a safe space for all students to be known, loved and learning.  Students learn mindfulness techniques and are encouraged to practice them throughout the day. Affirmations are also reinforced through a daily student pledge

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Before & After School Programing

In partnership with 21st Century Programming. All students have the opportunity to participate in the Before & After School Programing, which provides a safe, fun and learning environment for students.

Student Pledge

I am special.

I am created by God with unique gifts and talents!

I am creative, smart, and capable of success.

I have dreams for the future,

and I will climb to reach those goals and dreams every day.

All children are capable of success and worthy of love.