Center for Sharing

The Center for Sharing is our hospitality and training institute, where the teachings of servant leadership, trauma informed care, and an empowered worldview are carried out through two primary initiatives — the Collegium and the PAC Group.


The Collegium in Pasco

The Collegium was established in 2008, in the heart of the Tierra Vida community in East Pasco.  Life here centers around the Collegium Cafe which, through its work-study/readiness and evening programs, practices the Foundation’s theory of change on a daily basis, welcoming strangers, evoking gifts, and giving people opportunities to come together in service to the common good.


The vision of the Collegium is to be a place of peace which welcomes individuals and groups of people diverse in gender, age, ethnicity, religion and purpose.  Grounded in common values of compassionate service and respect, people find here a sense of belonging and opportunities for personal, spiritual, and community development.


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Partners in Authentic Community (PAC)

Drawing from our lived experiences in community over the past 30 years, we recognize the power of institutions to create safe spaces for people to connect and grow.  As such, the Center for Sharing helped to birth a network of servant-led organizations who continue to practice in specific places and learn from one another.  We call this network Partners in Authentic Community (PAC).


In 2015, we hosted the inaugural meeting of the PAC group, bringing together leaders of both for-profit and non-profit entities around the world.  Each member has been trained in our Servant Leadership methodology and commits to a common approach to service that is place-based, trauma-informed, and grounded in mutual learning.  Current participants include:

  • FirstFruits Farms: committed to “Bearing Fruit that will Last” in the workplace and in community
  • Vista Hermosa: trauma-informed community serving farm-working families of FirstFruits Farms
  • Community Alliance for Service and Advancement (CASA) LLC: developer of the Tierra Vida community
  • Collegium Cafe: community of practice serving as a hub for Center for Sharing and its partners
  • Centro de Compartimiento: a residential leadership program for indigenous women in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Shepherd’s Home of Servant Leadership: intentional community of service and learning in the Philippines

We host on-going opportunities for support and mentoring across this network.  Members connect throughout the year and meet annually for mutual learning and support.

FirstFruits Farms
FirstFruits Farms
Vista Hermosa Community
Vista Hermosa Community
Tierra Vida Community
Tierra Vida Community
The Collegium
The Collegium
Centro de Compartimiento (CDC)
Centro de Compartimiento (CDC)
Shepherd’s Home of Servant Leadership
Shepherd’s Home of Servant Leadership

In The Institution as Servant, Robert Greenleaf states his thesis:  “caring for persons, the more able and the less able serving each other, is the rock upon which a good society is built. Whereas, until recently, caring was largely person to person, now most of it is mediated through institutions – often large, complex, powerful, impersonal; not always competent; sometimes corrupt. If a better society is to be built, one that is more just and more loving, one that provides greater creative opportunity for its people, then the most open course is to raise both the capacity to serve and the very performance as servant of existing major institutions by new regenerative forces operating within them.

The Teaching and Practice of Servant Leadership

The Center for Sharing offers servant leadership as a spiritual foundation to align the work we do in the world with God’s vision for healing, restoration and wholeness in that place.


Organizations become more life-giving when each member is engaged in meaningful work that serves the good of all. This happens as we learn to share our personal stories and integrate them into the organizational story, which in turn plays a role in God’s story. It has been said that where your deep gladness and the world’s great need intersects is found one’s call or vocation.


Over the years, hundreds of people have participated in the Center’s servant leadership classes, some as individuals and others as small community or organizational groups.  As these alumni reach out to each other from their unique “islands of sanity” across the globe, they remind us that we are never alone in God’s Dream for a better world.

The Call to Community

The Call to Community: Fruits of Servant Leadership Magazine

In 2017 we released our first publication!  It features stories from our founding PAC members and offers an inspiring look into how these communities have grown and flourished.


Click the link below for a pdf version, or contact us for more information on how to obtain a copy.


The Call to Community: Fruits of Servant Leadership

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